the festival

At Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, Dancing Hats celebrates the many "hats" that we wear in our community. The festival invites everyone to wear a hat that says something about who they are, their occupation, their recreation, their hopes and dreams – or where in the world their family came from. Choose a hat that says something about you and join us for the fun of seeing how the hats we wear mirror the surprising cultural life we've created in King County.

the fun

The festival will showcase the region’s top artisan hat makers and surround them and their creations with live music by Valse Café Orchestra, dancing and dance lessons, shipwrights carving hat blocks, dance demonstrations, vintage hats to try on, origami hat-making for kids, photo booths – and a large outdoor dance floor. The festival culminates amid dancing Thursday in a fashion show featuring the couture hats of nationally and internationally award-winning Seattle hat makers of the Millinery Artisan Guild, with ensembles provided by Seattle’s Goodwill Fashion Collection and men’s hats courtesy of Byrnie Utz Hats. Check the program.


Pete Rush, Arts Program Manager at Seattle Center Productions, calls Dancing Hats an "innovative" festival "with a strong capacity to raise a dialogue about the arts, culture and history of the Seattle area." He goes on to say: "The 'lens' of Dancing Hats is unique, and one that will be easily understood and embraced by the public. I anticipate many conversations being started as a result: discussions about personal style, stereotypes, function, and community—all of these notions being relevant and timely."